The HSBS is quite a unique pension scheme in that it uses fundraised income to cover all of its administration costs, ensuring that 100% of the premiums paid in by Hunt Staff and/or their employers are fully invested, with no deductions for expenses. Fundraising therefore forms the focus of much of the Society's work and we do really rely upon the generosity and support of the national Hunting community each year to succeed in reaching our fundraising goals.


Become an Honorary Member of the Society

It costs just £30 a year and these small individual amounts really do add up and make a huge difference (you can also join as a Life Member, paying £600 in one go).

Encourage your Hunt/Pack to take a Cap for the Society each season

Very easy to organise and a really good way of spreading the word about the HSBS and what it does amongst your subscribers/followers.

Support HSBS fundraising events throughout the year

As well as the famous Horn & Hound Ball which takes place annually, we organise a range of events throughout the year, from polo days to house visits to racecourse tours, with much more planned for the future.

Organise your own fundraising events in aid of the Society

We receive donations raised at Point to Points, Talent Contests, Riding Competitions, Carol Concerts, to name but a few! If you have an idea and would like to discuss it with us we would be very happy to help and provide branding etc. if necessary.

Leave the Society money in your Will

The HSBS receives a number of legacies throughout the year and donations in Memorium and these contributions are always very much appreciated.