SAMBO AND SUSAN and other Tales
By Katharine Harrison-Wallace

The 1930s is back!
Capturing a host of country characters - amorous horses, fox and huntsman and a disobedient salmon - SAMBO AND SUSAN and other tales is a collecton of charming, illustrated cautionary stories from the bright and talented imagination of 12 year old KatHarine Harrison-Wallace in 1938.
A joy to adults and children alike, with a foreword from her distinguished Godfather, the Duke of Atholll, young Katharine's tales developed something of a cult following when first published. Today first editions are scarce and fetch prices that the 12 year old Katharine would not have believed possible.
Now republished as a limited edition hardback, this faithful reproduction has given Katharine's delightful book a new lease of life. Proceeds from the book's sale will go to the Hunt Staff Benefit Society (HSBS) - a registered Friendly Society overseen by its patron HRH The Prince of Wales, and benefitting the staff without whom hunting could not exist.
As a stalwart of the hunting world, hunting up to three days a week in adulthood, Katharine would have approved.
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