The HSBS offers a unique personal Pension Scheme for professional Hunt Staff. What makes this Scheme special in comparision to others is the fact that currently 100% of the contributions paid in by Hunt Staff and/or their employers are fully invested, with no deductions for expenses. This is only possible as all the running costs and overheads of the Society are currently met by voluntary contributions, Honorary Membership subscriptions and money raised through our many fundraising initiatives and events.

A variety of fundraising initiatives and events are organised and run by the Society each year, with all money raised going towards helping our hardworking Hunt Staff in their retirement. These events do of course need the backing and support of the national hunting community to succeed. Details of previous events, upcoming fundraisers and items being sold in aid of the Society can be found on this website.

As well as running its own fundraising events, the HSBS is supported throughout the year by donations raised at fundraising events organised by individual Hunts and other bodies across the country. If you or your Hunt would like to organise an event in aid of the Society and would like further information or to be provided with some HSBS literature for use at the event, please contact the Society's Honorary Membership and Fundraising Secretary.


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